What is Psychometry

Psychometry is the method of interpreting the vibration and energy of objects, such as jewellery, photos, keys, flowers or anything that holds a personís vibration.

It allows the reader to focus on the person they are reading for, and opens up communication with our spirit guides and the spirit world. It connects the medium (reader) to the client on a vibrational level. This is just one of the tools you can use. This is where the earlier work on meditating and balancing your chakras becomes important.

Once you have balanced your chakras, you can now learn to open them up to allow your senses to open to the new vibrations. This is done by finding a quiet place and stilling your mind. You begin with your crown chakra and work down your solar plexus, filling them with their colours. A work of warning: never open your base chakra for psychometry, as we need to stay grounded.

There are many techniques in learning psychometry and many tools to use. Find what sits right with you.

Tarot card, runes, teacups etc are other such tools. A work of caution: if you choose to rely on these tools and learn tarot from reading from a book, you will be using other peopleís interpretations and you will not train your senses to pick up relevant information, such as names, dates, situations and other specifics that give the client proof of survival. This is my opinion only and is not intended to put down tarot readers, some of whom are very good.

Courses in Intuitive Awareness

If you are interested in learning more about intuitive awareness, courses run three times a year and cover:

  • healing techniques
  • self development in spiritual awareness
  • psychometry
  • past life regression
  • meditations promoting relaxation

Due to the fact it is a popular course there is minimum of 8 people and maximum of 12. Anyone wishing to attend are asked to complete a form and send in a photo with a short paragraph of introduction and what they want to get out of the course.

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