Soul Search Game ... the game that connects players with each other and their true life path!

Dare to Take the Journey...

The Soul Search Game is a lighthearted, interactive, fun family board game that will delight, inspire, enlighten and challenge you. It's like having your own cliarvoyant at home.

Suitable for 1 to 6 players 15years and over. Yes, you can play the game yourself and give yourself a mini reading. You don't have to have others.

This game channelled by entities and provides a tool for self-awareness and contains everything you need. It contains 100 messages of guidance plus 4 packs of cards. The instructions touches numerology, auras, crystals and chakras. The beautiful Angel, Totem, Fortune and Affirmation Cards bring positive energy to help you on your soul's journey.

  • Fortune Cards giving insights into your future
  • Angel Cards providing inspirational guidance
  • Affirmation Cards giving you positive thoughts
  • Totem Cards giving you messages from your Spirit animals.

If you land on something more than once, take extra notice. The Angels are trying to get a special message across to you. By the end of the game all players will have been given their own 'mini' reading' by way of Spirit intervention.

If you have been doing some personal 'soul searching', this game brings valuable insights, wisdom and guidance into you life. The Soul Search Game has many powerful messages for you.

Dare to Take the Journey!
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Soul Search Game - Dare to Take the Journey


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DVD Natty Sees A Rainbow of Auras

Interactive DVD on Auras.
This story is written by Evie McKinna to explain the meaning of Auras to children.



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