Have you ever wondered if you have psychic ability?

It can be said that every person on earth has an extrasensory gift or gifts. Sometimes it just needs the right situation, awareness and nurturing to recognize and develop this into something that can be used for the person’s own spiritual journey and the services of others.

Evie McKinna goes onto say and as published in Insight magazine October 2006

"Most people would admit to the experience of deja vu – having an experience that you have seen or heard before, or visiting a strange place and knowing where things are. In the beginning, these events are easy to shake off as mere coincidences.

At some stage, we ask ourselves, why is this happening to me? What does this all mean? Is someone or something trying to tell me something, or am I simply losing the plot?

Please be assured that this is normal and that, if you learn to tap into the messages, your life will flow and expand to new horizon of consciousness and understanding. Your confidence in the messages will replace the initial apprehension that you feel when Spirit feels you are ready to become awakened and enlightened. This may require self-education through reading or the direction of a teacher. We just sometimes need help to recognize, understand and trust our own senses and have faith in the higher good.

My own spiritual development began early. At the age of nine and a half, my father suddenly passed away and, in hindsight, it was as if I knew that something was about to happen. I didn’t want to leave him that day. He did not look sick. He was dressing to go out when I left for school and yet I could not shake this feeling of dread.

At eleven o’clock that morning, I burst into tears and could not stop crying because I know that something was wrong with my father. Teachers assured me that nobody had rung and that everything was all right. My tears did not stop all day and when I arrived home I was told that my dad had died at exactly the time that the tears had started to flow.

This was my first experience with “knowing”, sensing or clairsentience. I was awoken at 3 am the day after my father’s funeral and saw him standing at the end of my bed, telling me that he was all right; he would still watch over the family and asked me to pass on an important message to my mother. The message was to look behind the cupboard, because the lost papers for the house deeds were behind the cupboard in the bedroom. In this instance, my father’s spirit was clearly visible and we communicated telepathically until his image faded.

This is not always the case for everyone and neither has it been the case for me in every instance or communication with Spirit. Sometimes I get an outline of a form, a smell, music or a song, or I might hear a word or a sentence. The other way that I work is to visualize, Spirit through my third eye.

Let me clarify what I mean when I say, “Spirit”. Spirit is an energy – the essence of a person who has passed over. It is as simple as that. The confusing part for some is to recognize when Spirit is trying to work with you. Spirit will try different things to get your attention. It may be the smell of flowers, perfume or tobacco smoke that reminds you of someone. These are the things that start attuning you, even before you need to look for a spiritual teacher. It is a good idea to write down these experiences and record dates and times.

You will know when this is happening. Spirit tends to work with what is familiar to you. Books that you’ve read, music that you like, friends that you have had, situations that you have been in are all useful tools Spirit would use. These may provide a connection with which you can identify, that Spirit knows is familiar and trustworthy.

People learning to develop their psychic abilities often feel that their imagination is playing games with them – they need to put that aside and go with their gut feeling or first impressions. This training ground is necessary if you want to fully develop your God-given gifts.

There is no advantage to rushing the process, and those who do tend to become egotistical, Spirit will have a way of bringing these people back to heel, but often not before they have done considerable damage to other. We live in times where it is ok to be different and many people consult Readers and Psychics. To truly be of service to Spirit you need to hone your skills by being responsible and grounded. Being airy fairy and using your psychic gift as a party trick gains nothing.

The day I met one of my mentors, Margaret Dent, I was still shaken form an experience in the cemetery. I had been visiting my father’s grave when I heard a voice that said, “I don’t know why you keep coming here, I’m not here anymore.” I quickly looked around and there was only an old woman right over the other side. I knew it was my Father again and I knew I had to find out more. My search led me to the place that Margaret Dent had chosen to hold a meeting to organize her first classes in spiritual development. She called me in and greeted me with the words: “I’m glad you are her and so is your Father”.

“But my Father has passed away,” I stammered.

“I know dear,” she said, “he died from a heart attack and he’s here now in the green suit and a hat and he is very excited that you are finally here.” I was eighteen. In the years that followed, Margaret, Billy and Morrie assisted me in developing my spiritual awareness and psychic gifts and kept me grounded and humble so that I could be of service to others.

I have done many readings for many people and have had a lot of satisfaction from the proof of survival that people get from the Spirit world. I have also been instrumental in teaching and guiding others for many years and have assisted the police on a couple of occasions with resolving murders and other crimes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers and Guides and those in the Spirit world for the grounding, knowledge and help that they have given me.

I encourage those who may feel they want to develop their own special gifts to do so.

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