Have you ever wondered if you have psychic ability?

It can be said that every person on earth has an extrasensory gift or gifts. Sometimes it just needs the right situation, awareness and nurturing to recognize and develop this into something that can be used for the personís own spiritual journey and the services of others.

Evie McKinna goes onto say and as published in Psychic "Most people would admit to the experience of deja vu Ė having an experience that you have seen or heard before, or visiting a strange place and knowing where things are. In the beginning, these events are easy to shake off as mere coincidences.

At some stage, we ask ourselves, why is this happening to me? What does this all mean? Is someone or something trying to tell me something, or am I simply losing the plot?

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The game that connects players with each other and their true life path! Soul Search Game...
Dare to Take the Journey?

The Soul Search Game is a lighthearted, interactive, fun family board game that will delight, inspire, enlighten and challenge you. It's like having your own clairvoyant at home.

You can read more on the personal awakening told by Evie McKinna here - and how the game of the Soul Search Game, Dare to Take the Journey was channelled to her through Sprit.

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