Evie McKinna and the Art of Psychometry

Evie McKinna is a humble person with an abundance of love to give. At the age of 9 and half years old after losing her father she went on a journey searching for the truth on a spiritual level. She wanted to know where her father was and why God took him. Feeling her prayers were answered, in that there was life after death, she finally found her own truths.

After this experience and awakening, Evie has been doing intuitive readings now for hundreds of people since 1975 helping then to find what they are looking for. Book and Intuitive Reading with Evie here

For many years she held readings at home which led to the opening of a centre at Bundaberg. In 1998 Evie then opened the Light House Centre, where people could come together and share a Spiritual connection and find new direction. This grew and secured the venue which ran regular courses in astrology, numerology, the teaching of meditation, finding the inner child work, facilitating rescues, the art of psychomety and others. Transmediums came to give talks and this was very successful for 5 years before moving to Brisbane. This center continues to run in Bundaberg today.

The channelling of the Soul Search Game and how it came about.

It was after leaving Bundaberg Evie was channelled the Soul Search Game - Dare to Take the Journey, as a means to continue to help people through Spirit.

When leaving the Light House Centre and through meditation she asked the question, "How can I help people when I am not here?"

It was through mediation she was told to get pen and paper and start writing.... this is how the Soul Search Game was produced.

It contains both positive and negative aspects in itself as we know nothing runs smoothly all the time. It shows you the areas in your life you need to balance, whether it be your ego, winning or losing. The challenge and purpose of the game is to get you to think about your life and encourages you to work on getting things happening in a more 'positive way'.

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Psychic Readings & Courses In Psychometry

Evie continues to facilitate readings both from home and online. If you would like to book a reading click here.

Evie continues to run psychometry courses 3 times year. There is minimum of 8 people and maximum of 12.

This course covers healing techniques, self development in spiritual awareness, psychometry, past life regression and meditation to promoting relaxation. Due to the fact it is a popular course you are asked to complete a form and email it together with in a photo with a short paragraph of why they want to do the course.

Psychometry is reading of the energy off personal objects that belonged to that person. Through this you learn how to use all senses how to hear, clariaudience learn how to smell and taste and see and how to feel. Some people are stronger in areas but go onto develop other senses.

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